Upping Your Game

That phrase has so much challenge in it.  I used to think it was doing something far above my head and mind ability.  Something so smart, I would never comprehend it, like creating a video game or programing the Roku tv.  It’s all relative somehow, understanding beyond my understanding.

Well, I seemed to have upped my game without my knowing it.  Around July 1, I had gotten my medicare card and a new bike in one week.  I thought, this is both ends of the candle.  My first bike at 5 and medicare at _5.  The ends meet in the middle.

At that time, parking was a big discussion due to lack of it and cost.  For whatever universal reason, besides the cost factor, I realized that other people NEEDED to park in my spot which I have had for 21 years or so, since the garage was built.  My peers drive an hour and a half and have no place to park except close to another town.

I have been blessed with the ketogenic menu, lost the 150 lbs, replaced the knees and can walk, have energy thru the roof so thought, just do it.  Give up the space.  I have walked to work once, 2.2 miles according to google and it was awesome.  Years ago, I rode to Duke on my former bike.  I have ridden once or twice on my latest bike but it is just to hot.

My employer offered incentives to bike riders which totally met my personal needs.  I can get into the parking space at nights and on weekends when I have production needs that will keep me there till 11 pm.  They also gave us free bus passes good for over a year.  I also found out that due to the Mcard, I can ride free anyway.  LOL!  So I turned in my parking permit around the first of July.  Unbelievable to me.  I just did it.  All the attributes and the sun, the moon and the stars alined.

The next great adventure is here, Upping My Game is here.








Is following LowcarbHighFatModerateProtein sustainable and healthy? Is it hard?

This is often the question I get after being ask, What Do You Eat?  People go into a diet mentality which is always a starting point.  The second thing is the instant flashback to other diet adventures, where we were hungry and not having any of our favorite foods, which I know now, was carb addition.  People do not want to accept the real fact, that you don’t love and like these foods, but that you are addicted.  That is difficult to address, it is like talking to a wall.  I tend to bother less and less.  The future illnesses you will incurr, the future medical bills and prescriptions you will incurr and the general feeling of ill health, failing health and all that encumbers is yours for liking your carb addiction, while in total denial.   I can only deal with me.

For me, I came from chronic pain and when it stopped, it became a no brainer, I do not want to hurt or, weight that much ever again.  So for me, is it hard?  No.  I want the life I now have.  I am busy, happy, can move really well, am loving my energy and have a happier, mental outlook.  Yes, carbs can create mental fog.

For you,  ask yourself, why are you doing this?  Or, why are you pretending to do this?  What is the payoff in dilly dallying around with your health?  This menu has worked on 60,000 people and now, it’s failing you?  I guess it is possible, but I am not sure I believe it.  People have different issues, which is why going to a HEAL Clinic is not a bad idea for diabetics or people on medicines.  I don’t know how this menu can hurt you, but then I am not medical.  I am just a person who it works for and cannot have a life without it.

Are there signs that you might need the menu?  Men and women who have stomach girth need the menu.  Is your life worth more than the weekend beer, or pie or chips?  O yes, less I digress, you like them and can quit eating them anytime.  Apologizies, drug addicts are also waiting to cut back, as they can anytime they want to.  Sugar addiction is kin to heron addiction.  Flour breaks down, aka wheat of many names and kinds, is a sugar in your body.  It causes inflammation.  Alot of autoimmune diseases have been linked to flour and sugar.  But I disgress, your illnesses are different and you are unique with them.  You are unique being you, but it has nothing to do with your illnesses.

So, no, I don’t want to get in your stuff.  You can afford the medical protocol of disease and you are supporting the medical industry.  Now, I have no doubt that some people may need meds to get thru the craving part of switching.  Some people have real health issues that are above my head, so you need Dr. Westman in my opinion.  There are others but he is my go to Doc, on first base in Durham, NC   Dr. Eric Westman.  He also has a HEAL clinic near Southpoint.

If you don’t want to do the menu, then own it.  Stop pretending to do the menu?  But, I have to ask you, what is the payoff in not getting optimal health?  This menu gives you more than weighl oss.  In fact, that is the least dependable factor.  You get more energy, feel better, lose body inflammation which decreases body size and your clothes fit better.  You eat bacon, butter, cheese, steak, alot of great foods.  So it’s fine if you LIKE your chips.

I was addicted to chips, beer, candy, all of the things you like.  Within a week or so of starting this plan, I felt better and the like aka cravings for these foods dissappeared.  I don’t think about them anymore.  I can make equivalent food in lowcarb version when I really want to take something to a party, but mostly, I don’t think about them.

I eat alot of fat, the myth of it causing heart disease has been proven that it does not.   You have to eat fat to lose fat.  Studies of science verify this.  You can find all of your own reasons to change or, not change.  I will like you anyway, but your tirade of why you are so different  and can’t do this, is probably as boring to me, as my telling you one more time the merits of this menu.

Have a great day!!  Spring is here and a time for renewal and change.  See what you would like to do differently this year.  It is a far better time, than the cold New Year’s Resolution.  Hope to hear from you………Happy Spring!  Happy Lowcarbing, or not 🙂