Change: It is the Only Constant

Wow!  I haven’t written a blog post since 2015, I will be doing a post more often now.  We all know the saying of Change is the only constant moving event.  To not make a decision is to make a decision.  I have come to believe that if you think about things long enough, the universe will honor those thoughts.

For years as a small child, my siblings were into sports.  I was to fat to play and a bit of a whiny brat.  We were not beaten or abused as children.  Yes, we had our discipline and moments of dysfunctionalism.  I do believe that I was emotionally abused but also realize in the latter years of wisdom, that directions did not come with us when we popped out of the factory.  And, they did an amazing job as the three of us have turned out pretty awesome.

So, here is the latest saga of excitement.  Be careful of what you really, really want, it just might come true.  I have lost alot of weight as you know.  In the past few years, I have had my knees replaced.  They work amazing, but they are borrowed and some things take getting use to even though I am 200% better.  One knee is 1 year and some months and the second knee is two years and some months.

I have wanted to become more athletic but hate gyms.  Like swimming and have found some pools to swim laps, but haven’t made it there just yet.  Awhile back, I went out to get in the car and didn’t.  I kept walking the 1.5-2 miles to where I work.  I felt great, it was awesome, and I decided to do it every day, but I haven’t.

Enter the universe.  Some friends have bought amazing bicycles.  Mark is a chiropractor and very much into taking care of the body.  So he found a bike that is easy on the knees.  When I looked into it, it is the number one choice of knee replacement bikes.  The reason is the pedal section called a crank, is moved forward a tad so it’s like riding recumbent but you are sitting up straight which also helps you back.  It is an Electra Townie with 21 gears.  There are 3 and 7 gear setups but get the 21 gears because it will help you do hills easier.  Another story.

So, this week I bought a bike and helmet.  Just after I made said purchase, Parking announced a small fortune to park where I park.  Sticker schock to say the least.  The offered a deal to turn in your parking pass.  So, I have waffled on this and have made the decision to take the deal.  I have canceled my parking pass and will bike or bus to work.

I am pretty excited and scared at this decision as there is no turning back with parking. LOL. Yet, they have made it totally doable for my parking needs when I need to drive.  So, we are at the beginning of my become more physically fit.  The bus stop is two blocks from home and from work a walk to get the bus.  I love walking and have walking shoes.  I bought them just after walking to work.  I have been provided with everything I need to make this new challenge work.  I will be posting more as I begin my biking to work chapter of life.  I will also ride our beautiful greenways here in North Carolina.  I am grateful to the universe for slowly bring yet another of my hearts desires into a tangible process.

Off I go, it’s a beautiful day here In Durham, NC.  Going to catch some sun and fresh air on my Electra Cruiser.  Yet to be named.










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