Fashion Conspiracy Theory?? Happiness Reflection?? Color Therapy?? Sunshine??

Years ago, I was part of an art team that taught inner city youth how to change their personal mood by the colors of clothing they chose to wear to school on a daily basis.  I thought of this a lot yesterday.

I decided to go shopping for some spring dresses at the mall.  I went to Macy’s and Belks.  I was schocked at the junk they have in their stores.  If you are a size 18, you may as well give it up for style.  Then I went to Lane Bryant and Ross.  Again, junk.  What I see is bigger than the lack of choice.  It is clothing to promote feelings of anger and unrest, which is a reflection of our country’s mood at the moment.  In truth, my beautiful, smaller friend said there are no pretty clothes for anyone.

If you are going to say something bad about someone, you have to say one thing good about them.  The good thing about my day is that after being large for so many years, I could definitely find a size off the rack I could wear, just nothing for a clothing celebration.  I wish I could say more good things.  I wonder if the stores have cut out their clothing designers.

The conspiracy theory is this.  The fabrics are UGLY.  They look like bad dye jobs.  The patterns reflect what mildew looks like.  There are no happy spring colors.  The designs of fabric are non existent.  If this is what America is to wear, it is a very unhappy statement.  There are no spring colors, mostly blacks, greys, and shades of such.  Design  is non existent.  Who came up with this trash?  It is exactly like asking us to choose which trash we want to wear today.  It is no wonder people are expressing such anger however in appropriate the public displays are.  What we are wearing is not a happy transference to our souls.  If you want to be happier, choose brighter colors. Black is so not there.  I laugh because everyone wants to dress in black and then complains because they aren’t treated as an individual.   Black doesn’t make you mysterious, doesn’t make you look much smaller and always comes in several shades of dog hair.

If you keep people unhappy, we become more self absorbed and less able to see the mess our country is crumbling downward, into the abyss.  I find better colors at thrift stores.

So, today, I am grateful I can sew and I have many happy colors to choose from.  One of my plans for the future is to make happy plus size wear and sell online.  I have plans to make happy spring clothes for myself.   What are you going to do to find things to wear.  What you choose to wear does effect your mood?  Don’t wait for a “size” to make you happy.  If you are happier every day, then changes in your life are easier to make.

The fat discrimination is alive and well in this country.  It is thriving.  Unfortunately, in the next ten years, the country will explode in obesity due to the food chain situation, but I doubt the clothing world will get that point of view.  That is another topic for another day.

Have a wonderful and happy spring day!!!


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