Where the gray hair grows? or, As the gray hair shows up or not, for some of us?

I have been watching the winter weather come and go for days now.  We wish for snow; we wish for snow to go away.  We want a snow day; we don’t want alot of snow days.  The only constant thing in our short time in this world, is that time keeps going.  We pretend we are ok with that, PRETEND, because there is no real choice in that process.  We came from the spirit world and we will return to the spirit world.  Whoever created this process has more incite than I do.  However, what I do get a say in, is how I spend this time.

I GET A SAY IN HOW I SPEND THE TIME IN THE PROCESS.  So do you?  So with Spring coming, I feel the new life within myself.  I am lazy in January and February, loving the hibernation of the bears.  We are all wanting more down time, sleeping more, it’s dark earlier.  Now the days will get longer.  Tonight, is Daylight Savings Time Change.  So, what am I really talking about?

For me, I am looking at  How Do I Want to Spend My Time?  Work is work time.  That is a designated slot of the day.  It is a means to an end.

For years I was consumed with food, always trying to lose the enormous amount of weight on my body, with little success.  It took much time and energy, not knowing I was spinning my wheels, a it was a setup.  That is another story.

Now, I decide the menu, put it in fitness pal, go to the to store; done.  I now want the life, after the menu.  The life that the menu said I could have if I stuck to the menu.  🙂  Yep!!  For me, that is loss of tremendous weight.  A new knee.  A rekindling of thing I used to do, and alot that I always wanted to do, but never thought I would be able to.  Or, allowed to do by the universe for many reasons.  I realize that the weight on the body, is also weight between the ears and both need to be deal with.

I will have my second knee replaced May 4th.  I have made decisions that I will work on projects long overdo to be completed.  Spend time outside, with friends and doggies.  Less thinking of the I shoulds.   I have things I love to go and do.  The menu is a small thought process for me now.

In the lives of women, body image has been our subconscious and conscious thought, I think since I opened my eyes after showing up in the outer world.  What other interests do you have?  What would you like to do with your time?  I want to encourage you to stop charting  just the body stuff and menu.

Life is now.  The results are going to be, don’t wait to live your life while you are waiting for your body image to change.  If you stare at your feet long enough, you will fall over.  Start making a list of things you can do, make a list of people to spend time with.  Find the things that make you happy.  Chase away the issues that make your life hard.  This will be continued.  It is a beautiful day outside, get up and sit in a different chair, inside or outside.  Don’t resit in the same place, look at your life from across the room.  More chat to come.  Have a happy day, it is possible because we are alive.  To not make a choice, is making a choice.  Choices can be hard, but one tiny step at a time.  It is awesome, find your courage.  Talk to us about what you would like to be, to have, to do.  Have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “Where the gray hair grows? or, As the gray hair shows up or not, for some of us?

  1. Hi Kay, I love the idea that you created a blog for yourself; it is inspiring to me to do the same, actually. I would LOVE to see samples of your menus.


  2. P.S. Speaking of hair, I had been coloring my hair for decades out of fear of ageism in the workplace, and I was considerably older than my colleagues. Now that I have recently retired, I have stopped coloring my hair. I won’t go back to that, so now the emphasis will be on complimentary styles, etc.


  3. Great post with a lot of worthwhile insights! You’re right in that we are all starting to unthaw and look toward rejuvenation. In a recent post I also talked about spring regarding the goddess Nut and the wheel of the year: http://flossiebentonrogers.com/mythic-monday-aquarian-goddess-nut-by-flossie-benton-rogers/ It’s funny you mention sit in a different chair. At an outing to an outdoor yard sale at the votech this past weekend, I picked up a chair that caught my eye lol. I’m so glad for your healing and love of life. Awesome. Keep posting!


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