Decluttering, Bustop Babe and Knee Healing, o my…….so much to do

Decluttering didn’t work as well as I would have liked.  Everything suddenly becomes important.  For example, I had a box of fabric, small pieces, looked thru them and decided they were all important.  That made me sad to put them back on the shelf.

I invited a friend over for coffee and she brought a box of hand sewing, she is making owls for a bazaar at her children’s school.  Her colors, in my opinion, lol, don’t go there…….were drab.  So I went and got the prized box of my fabrics and offered them to her to peruse for color.  I let her take whatever she wanted out of that prized possession box of fabric.  It is like there isn’t more prized possession boxes of fabrics in my house.  I have been doing fabric art and sewing for 40 years.  I am also a dyer of fabric, and printer of cloth.  And hope to do more in the future.

I felt things as she went thru the box and made her pile.  LOL, what things?  Well, like, oh that one is so pretty, or, I could use that “someday, somewhere”, but I remained silent.  So she took some jewel tones and some prints and I saw how that would help her items for the bazaar.   So when she was finished, there were few items in the box, she put her choices in her box, we chatted had coffee, she left.  Ten minutes later, I couldn’t remember what her choices were.  There were several lessons in this as I thought about what had just happened in this process.

To give is better than to receive came to mind.  She was so pleased that I, the artist, would give her cloth.  It made her happy inside and I could see it.  That was gold, it was encouraging and helpful to her work and to her spirit.

It was helpful to me, to realize that what I think doesn’t always seem so important.  If declutter is getting rid of, then declutter the mind and the house will come.  I have began to put fabric in gallon baggies as I like to arrange them.  The colors fill my soul and I will take this baggies to the thrift store.  I choose to think that I am giving art supplies to the world, to people to use for projects and make their environments  more colorful.  And, decluttering my studio at the same time.  People say, to have a garage sale, to do this, to do that, but in truth, today, I am happy with this.

It is better to give than to receive, thank’s mom for reminding me.  Hugs to ya’ll   Off to bag some more.

Have a great weekend.


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