Butter, Bacon and Binoculars

I am excited to continue to  the next phase of my lowcarb highfat minimal protein lifestyle which has totally given me an upgrade on the body these past five years.  From here out, it is referred to as ketogenic, the version of Dr. Eric Westman, Director of the Duke Lifestyle Center in Durham, NC.

To him and Dr. Atkins, I will be eternally grateful for the gift of life, which is more than just sitting in a chair and breathing.

Recently, I ventured into having a knee replacement which was the initial reason for finding this way of life.  What I had been doing was mired in total pain consistently, unable to move well, and creating major depression that was the door prize for the chronic pain, arthritic body.  This led to seeking comfort in food as that was always my drug of choice.  It is the socially acceptable alcohol, used by our parents to comfort us from wee children at their knee.  For every occasion, celebratory or other, it didn’t matter, there was lots of good Southern nourishment, ready to soothe many a tired soul thru the feelings that each of us felt and, for alot of us, misunderstood, with no clue how to channel them in a healthier way.  Many a large bosom belonging to  granny, momma,  auntie, or whomever was the ships hole for feelings thru the history of mankind. 

Eventually, we will cover more of the path that led to this moment, but what I want to talk about here is a wide berth of ideas and thoughts that have come to me along with the cleared thinking of the lifestyle.

I am sorting new thoughts of my future wants, because now I get to choose, no longer just accepting it is what it can be.  So, how do we sift and seek answers.

First, one has to clear their body and find a way to thrive beyond just existence.  I existed for years, therefore, all thoughts were of food.  That is different now.  Now I think of options for the next years.

I want to travel, produce more art, meet people, go outside and kayak, spend time in nature.  I am alive for the first time in years and years.  This blog will be about new incites, conversations we want to have with ourselves.  I have a new chance and hope to make the most of it.

Where I am today, is recovering from surgery for knee replacement.  I am trying to declutter my house and that is like getting rid of carbs.  Stuff is a different form of security.  I have a fear of not having stuff, just as I had a fear of living at a bus stop because I couldn’t work, lost my job, couldn’t walk, so I had a bag of stuff and just sat down one day at the bustop.  In my mind I was referred to as Bustop Babe, the happy, obese, sweet Southern Woman, with the bad leg but always a smile on her face and a wish you a blessed day greeting.

Well, score one for me, no Bustop Babe, so not working on score two, decluttering, stay tuned.

thanks for reading.



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